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2019 Southeast Asia annual sales conference held in Da Nang, VietnamBACK

On July 4th – 5th, 2019, HiSEAS International Tourism Group Co. held 2019 Southeast Asia annual sales conference in Da Nang, Vietnam. The Group's headquarters offices, Southeast Asia offices participated the conference, which summarized and reviewed the operation achievements of Southeast Asia region in the first half of the year and discussed plans for work in the second half of the year.

Besides, the conference provided with several training sessions including Legal: Receivable risks, HERP system and process training, new destination training, cross-cultural training, which helped Southeast Asia region strengthen their relevant skills and promote their cross-cultural communication.


2019 Southeast Asia annual sales conference


2019 Southeast Asia annual sales conference


Presentation of Southeast Asia Region

peixun11.jpgCross-Cultural Training

For years, HiSEAS insists on providing a systematic destination tourism resource solution for partners and never ceases to improve its service capabilities to maintain a rapid growth rate. In the future, we will continue to concentrate on the management of destination resources, strive to be a bridge linking China and other continents, and contribute to bilateral exchanges.