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Hiseas was invited to participate Investing in Tourism Sustainability Conference held in BulgariaBACK


During 30 May to 1 June 2019, Hiseas International Tourism Group was invited to participate Investing in Tourism Sustainability Conference held in Bulgaria. Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria Mrs. Nikolina Angelkova, Former Secretary-General, United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and Chairman of the Advisory Board of International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC) Dr. Taleb Rifai, and related travel industry colleagues attended the conference. During the conference, delegates discussed such topics, including Investing Sustainability in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe, Global Tourism Trends and Market Conditions, Investment opportunities in Bulgaria, Destination Management, Tour Operators and etc. As a professional destination management company, Hiseas focused on sustainability in tourism and discussed with other travel industry colleagues to find out how to make it better.



Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria Mrs. Nikolina Angelkova makes a presentation

In January 2019, Hiseas signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgarian to promote the rich tourism resources of Bulgaria and southeast Europe. Hiseas believes that under the conception of 'sustainability', using the tourism resources of Bulgaria, such as its history, culture, food, religion, art and etc., we could make tourism products of Bulgaria more professional and promote the local tourism economy. Meanwhile, we could balance the hotel occupancy rate during the off-season and increase the visit rate of off-season attractions. In addition, we also could help small and medium-sized businesses to enter the industrial chain, whom could not participate in the past. Meantime, we could help the unemployed return to the post in the off-season, which promotes the sustainable development of the entire tourism industry chain in Bulgaria.



Panel Discussion

With the concept of “sustainable tourism” continuously deepening, Hiseas not only focuses on our own business development, but also concentrates how to manage the sustainability of tourism destinations. Currently, the carrying capacity of various tourist destinations in Europe is limited. As a destination management company, Hiseas will adhere to the idea of “sustainable tourism” and engage in the development of tourism economy with a long-term perspective. Hiseas has always insisted that we will try our best to protect the European tourism environment while ensuring the steady development of our business.


During the development, Hiseas has been striving to respond to the call of the UN's "Sustainable Development Strategy" and insisted on doing small things well. We cooperated with WWF UK to hold using white-handed activity to fulfill our social responsibility.


In our future strategic planning, Hiseas will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and contribute to the sustainable development of tourism. In the future, Hiseas will extend our self-developed system, ERP, to client and supplier, and provide more suppliers and customers with artificial intelligence and big data calculation to provide more efficient and sustainable tourism resource services.



Conference in progress

Hiseas focuses on providing systematic tourism resource solutions for our partners, aiming at providing customers with cost-effective travel destination services and resources, and maintaining a rapid growth rate for years. In 2017, Hiseas served more than 5,500 tourist groups. In 2018, Hiseas served more than 5,500 tourist groups. In 2019, Hiseas expects to receive more than 10,000 tourist groups. As a professional destination management company, Hiseas owns more than 9,000 hotels, 400 car dealers, nearly 1,000 tour guides, and hundreds of restaurants and attractions resources.


By attending the conference, Hiseas hopes to cooperate with travel industry colleagues in the future and promote the multifaceted development of tourism sustainability, which could make more and more people feel the unique charm of tourism.