About Hiseas

The world's leading travel destination management expert !

About Hiseas
Company introduction

In 2011, Hiseas International Tourism Group was established in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2013, we established the headquarter in Chengdu, China. So far, Hiseas has developed into a leading destination tourism resource management group. Its institutions spread in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Its destination service area includes many countries in Europe and North America, and the sales network covers the whole world.

Hiseas owns many subsidiaries, including Hiseas Travel, Dufan Voyages, Nordis Travel ApS, Continental Tours Limited, Dolphin s.r.o., Hiseas Hotel Management Company, Weihong Tech Company and Cultural Development Company, etc.

We devote ourselves to providing a systematic destination tourism resource solution for partners. Our main services include: providing destination tourism resource solutions for series groups, ad hoc groups and FIT customers, company-owned coaches, company-owned hotels, cruise ships, travel Information-based services, solutions for sino-foreign cooperative projects, etc.

For years, Hiseas never ceases to improve its service capabilities to maintain a rapid growth rate. Every year, Hiseas offers Europe-inbound and North-America-inbound tourism services for hundreds of thousands of Asian tourists. Hiseas serves more than 5,500 tourist groups and books nearly 1,000,000 room nights annually. To meet market needs, Hiseas has made constant endeavors to integrate the destination resources, enrich and diversify destination resources. By virtue of its partnership with more than 9,000 hotels, Hiseas is able to provide diversified hotel services for all clients. Hiseas has cultivated cooperation with three hundred coach rental agencies, and contracted with hundreds of coaches annually meeting Euro V emission standard or above. The coaches are equipped with scores of high-quality drivers who are also proficient English speakers and provide excellent services. Hiseas has engaged nearly 1,000 excellent tour guides. With ample experience, premium services and proficiency in international languages, they excel in all manners of reception activities on travel, official and business affairs, etc. Hiseas has joined hands with hundreds of restaurants including local specialty restaurants, Asian restaurants, Michelin-starred restaurants, etc. In addition, Hiseas has developed official cooperation with hundreds of most visited scenic spots.

We not only commit ourselves to destination resource management but also work to serve as a bridge for Sino-Foreign exchange and cooperation. In 2017, Hiseas officially became a member of three top European tourism organizations, namely, European Travel Commission (ETC), Europe China OBOR Culture and Tourism Development Committee, and European Tourism Association (ETOA). Currently, Hiseas is the only Asian enterprise that is enrolled as member of three European travel organizations at the same time. Being a member of the organizations will boost development of Hiseas. Meanwhile, Hiseas has played an active role in Europe-China cooperation on sports and cultural activities and has made some achievements. In 2019, Hiseas has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the  Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, and Hungarian Tourism Agency, which could help these coutries to extend tourist market in China. We will also make continuous efforts to contribute to the tourism, economic, cultural and sports exchanges between China and Europe.

The mission of the Hiseas Group is to provide customers with cost-effective travel destination services and resources!

The vision of the Hiseas Group is to become the world's leading travel destination management expert!

The Hiseas Group focuses on the management of destination resources in Europe and North America, providing customers with increasingly better resource solutions!

The core values of the Hiseas Group are:Striving,Opening up,Professional,Cooperation,Achieving.

In the future, we will continue to concentrate on the management of destination resources, strive to be a bridge linking China and other continents, and contribute to bilateral exchanges. Hiseas, an international leading expert in tourism destination management!



HISEAS INTERNATIONAL SARL was registered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in the same year obtained the ADS qualification.

Shanghai office was established.


Received and surmounted 500 groups to Europe.


▶Established Sichuan Hiseas International Tourism Co. Ltd.

Gradually expand sales network, Southwest sales center and Chengdu operation center was established.


Received and surmounted 1000 groups to Europe.

Set up sales office in Jakarta.

Established Hiseas Germany ofice in Frankfurt.

Established Hiseas United Kingdom office in London.


Received and surmounted 2000 groups to Europe.

Established a sales office in Bangkok.

Was named one of the "best partners" of the France Louvre Hotel group.

The company's successful financing 15 million yuan.

▶Dolphin s.r.o. was registered in Slovakia.


HiSeas information department successfully developed independent intellectual property rights ERP system (HERP) .

Launched B2B Hotel booking platform.

Obtained the ADS qualification of Germany

Received and surmounted 3300 groups, ranked first among European Chinese tourism businesses.

Hotel room nights reached 500,000.


Established DuFan Voyages.

Established Big Whale.

Hiseas international e-commerce platform was launched.

Established Hiseas Travel&Tours INC.

Acquired a Swiss hotel management company.

Received and surmounted 5000 groups.

Hotel room nights reached 750,000.

Successfully completed a 100 million round A financing.


Hiseas became a full member of the European Travel Commission (ETC);

Hiseas successfully hosted the "2018 EU-China Tourism Year Parliamentary Day and EU-China Tourism and Cultural Cooperation Summit" in European Parliament Building, Brussels, Belgium;

▶Merged Nordis Travel of Danmark;

▶Established Continental Tours of Hungary;

▶Merged Eagle Travel Inc. of Canada;

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