2011 year,HiSeas Founded in Lausanne, Switzerland,Providing a systematic European tourism resource solution for Asian partners。After years of specialized operation,HiSeas Has become Asia's leading European travel destination management specialist。Future,HiSeas Will continue to optimize the integration of European tourism resources and customer service capabilities,Realization of the company、Resource side、Customer、Consumers and other multi win.

HiSeas :  European Destination Management

Our resources

HiSeas is a resource oriented enterprise, we are committed to creating a large service resources platform. The company now has a wealth of high-quality service resources system for tourism partners to provide systematic solutions for European tourism resources.



Our product

HiSeas is a product oriented enterprises, we and tourism partners to design European tourism products. Through years of practice and research, the sea has formed a set of suitable for different customer groups, take into account the different consumption level of the product system.


HiSeas :  European Destination Managemen 

Our service

HiSeas is a service oriented enterprise, we sincerely provide quality services for tourism partners. Our sales team to provide local services, better and faster in response to the needs of partners; our operations team on the tourism destination of regional division of labor, to provide more professional travel services; in addition, we set up a service in the major European city, to provide more timely and convenient service for customers.